IDEAS Fellowship

Since 2015 I’ve had the pleasure to serve as the Graduate Assistant to the IDEAS Fellowship at Emory University. IDEAS enriches the liberal arts education of Emory University undergraduates through intellectual community building, curriculum development, and academic-social programming. The fellowship consists of approximately twenty-five undergraduate students from different majors who are dedicated to learning across disciplines. Weekly Friday lunches are the home-base of our fellowship, where we develop community by engaging in topical discussions about politics, education, community, and current events. At IDEAS we embrace the diversity of opinions, perspectives, and human experiences in the room. Each week, I walk away marvelling at the sophistication of my fellows and their dedication to the world they live in. Working to support their efforts to build community at Emory and beyond is a great honour, and I’ve enjoyed watching as they go on to do significant work in politics, academics, law, publishing, archival research, education, and community activism.

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