I teach interdisciplinary courses across religious studies, gender studies, public humanities, and cultural studies. I view my classroom as a community in which each individual’s unique experience is a crucial component of our collective learning. I use hands-on activities like story circles, group poetry writing, and individual and group reflection exercises to build a classroom community of care. This establishes an atmosphere of collaboration and support and optimizes our learning potential. Students in my classroom work directly with community partners to create useful religious and cultural literacy tools for school classrooms, community organizations, businesses, and families.

Current Courses:

  1. Muslim Women’s Storytelling
  2. Visual Culture

Future Courses

  • Introduction to Public Humanities
  • Mysticism, Orientalism, and Marketing Religion
  • Religious Abuse, Trauma, and Healing
  • Public Humanities: Independent Bookstores and Grassroots Movements
  • Sufism and Gender
  • Living a Feminist Life

Past Courses

  • GRAD 700: Public Humanities
  • Muslim Women’s Storytelling
  • What Does it Mean to Be Human?
  • Introduction to the Life, Work, and Teaching of the 14th Dalai Lama
  • Introduction to Buddhism
  • Introduction to the Qur’an